Message from Chairman

A Chance to Reborn

A person's life is a series of choices and accidents. In my career, I have been dealing with people who have influenced their lives by their personal decisions every day. I have also witnessed people’s lives being accidentally affected owing to other people's choices. Regardless of the course of a person’s life, sometimes people want to have a chance to try and improve their own lives.

The establishment of the Hong Kong Diabetes Health Association came about by a group of kind people who jointly try to help patients suffering from diabetes to give them a chance to regain their health. They are striving to find a method to cure diabetes. The Association "accidentally" came about a recipe of an ancient "Natural Herbal Tea" which the owner unselfishly offered to the Association. The Association found that by using this tea, with a proper healthy diet and exercise, it can significantly improve the HbA1c value of diabetics within 20 days in the most successful cases to normal levels.

This breakthrough finding enabled the Association to be able to help more than 300 diabetics in the past four years to cure them of their diabetes and save them from suffering the side effects of long-term medication, thus achieving for them a rare reborn. This opportunity of reborn not only allows the diabetic patients to change their lives, but also benefits them and their families psychologically, physically and financially.

After their own lives have improved, more good people have joined the Association. It is now time to go further to use western scientific evidence to enhance the efficacy of the “Natural Herbal Tea”. The clinical trial study will be conducted in a serious professional manner. The Association hopes that, by holding this "HbA1c Clinical Trial Study", we can draw the attention of the authorities and the public to this miracle of being able to cure diabetes, thus giving patients who are suffering from this health problem and their families a chance to enjoy new lives.

Peter Nguyen