Upcoming Events

In October 2018, the clinical trial research project of glycated hemoglobin jointly organized with Wuhan Changer Medical Group has achieved satisfactory results, but the association also knows that there is still room for improvement throughout the clinical trial process. In 2019, the association will carry out the following works.

There will be another free 100-person clinical demonstration research project, which is scheduled to be held in August this year at a medical and health center in Guangzhou China.

Continue to provide irregular free blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin testing services.

Continue to help people with type 2 diabetes to restore healthy lives.

Seek collaboration between local and Mainland universities, conduct animal testing and track patient rehabilitation, and conduct sugar tolerance tests. The association hope that there will be further scientific data to prove that the comprehensive diabetes management program used by the association can improve the resistance of patients' cells to insulin or enhance the ability of the pancreas to secrete insulin. Only by solving these two main causes of type 2 diabetes that can successfully reverse diabetes.

Irregular hold diabetes health talks.